Editing, Proofreading and Consulting

My background is that of a writer rather than an academic or university professor, although I have had two ground-breaking books and five important articles published in peer-reviewed academic presses and journals. For several years I was a board member of the prestigous Oregon Writer's Colony . I participated in writers critique groups in both Salem and Portland, Oregon, where I and my fellow writers collaborated to improve our novels, short stories and scripts. I am married to a wonderfully talented writer, Carolyn Tracy, and the two of us are constantly helping each other "up our game" in our respective literary endeavors. I also enjoy helping other writers and researchers hone their craft.

Editing and Revision

I am available to proofread, edit, critique or rewrite your master's thesis or dissertation, business proposal, research paper, website, speech, novel, manual, booklet, report, personal statement, script, advertisement, short story or school paper. Rates for my services are as follows:


Standard Copy-Editing


.01/word for basic proofreading:

• spelling, punctuation, verb tense, grammar, sentence structure

.02/word for standard copy-editing:
• rewriting sentences when necessary to improve fluency and sophistication
• cleaning up grammar and usage
• eliminating redundancies, superfluous writing and archaic word choices
• suggesting more appropriate vocabulary
 .03 to .05 / word for rewriting.
• includes standard copy-editing, plus:
• reorganizing material to improve clarity, readability and logic
• suggestions for improved content, style and format discussed and implemented
I use track editing in Microsoft Word to highlight any changes made, then submit that to clients for questions and clarifications. I then review before submitting a final edit for your approval.

Consultation Services

Written Evaluation (Non-Fiction)

Literary Critique (Fiction)

Personal Consultation

.005 to .01 / word

• suggestions on essay structure and logic to improve clarity and readability
• suggestions on improved non-fiction story line to maintain reader interest
• suggestions on improved content, style and format
.005 to .01 / word

• Russell Gmirkin and/or Carolyn Tracy
• suggestions including improved plot, character, conflict, suspense, and dialogue, as appropriate

• consultation on essay structure and logic (non-fiction) or literary critique (with my novelist wife).
• by either phone or Skype


 I accept papers on urgent basis.

Contact me direct at RussellGmirkin@Yahoo.com with the services you require (proof-reading, copyediting, rewrite, critique or consultation) and the project deadline. Please attach a copy of the document, preferably in Microsoft Word. I will reply with a quote on the project.

I accept Paypal and ask for a down payment when I begin the project. The remainder is due when I return the document to you. If the project in ongoing or lasts a long time, we can arrange a payment schedule.

What People are Saying

"I highly recommend Russell Gmirkin for any editing or wordsmithing needs. From long experience I can attest he is a maestro with sentence structure, logical flow, and word choice for any narrative or technical prose writing."

-- Greg Doudna, co-author of Qumran Revisited